Rhinoplasty – The Aesthetic Surgery Of The Nose


Usually, the individual shape of the nose is determined by genetic factors, but the shape can also be negatively affected by traumas or surgical interventions. Rhinoplasty can improve the aspect of the nose and also can increase the confidence one has in general. Even so, this surgery will not change your image so drastically, meaning that there is no perfect shape for a nose. In addition, it will not determine a change in other’s people behavior towards you.

What can be improved?

Rhinoplasty will improve a few aspects of your nose. Fist of all, the dimension of the nose is the fist thing that influences all your features, so this is what will be changed with this surgery. Apart from this, it can improve the width of the nose at the bony part, the aspect of your face seen from one part or another (the half-face aspect), as there can appear different shapes – a hump or a hollow part, and some others.

Rhinoplasty is an extremely customed surgical procedure, which you need to have only due to personal reasons and not for others. This procedure is usually recommended to people who are older than 13 years old, as that is the age when the development of the facial skeleton is completed. In addition, a good health is required, less or no smoking at all and, finally yet importantly, you need to have clearly defined goals but realistic ones.

 How does it go?

rhinoplasty_3712098056bDuring your first consultation, the doctor will ask you many questions. These will be extremely detailed about the expected results. You will have to tell your doctor your medical history and about allergies, if any. You also need to tell him about the constant medication that you take or if you had any former surgical interventions. Your health will be evaluated through specific tests. They will make photos and measurements of your facial elements.

This is the time when you will be talking about your expectations and the available surgical methods to acquire these expectations. You will also learn about possible complications and the varieties of anesthesia that are available. Your doctor will tell you about the factors that can influence the surgery and the result, like the structure of the bones and the nasal cartilage, the shape of the face, your skin, age, expectations and so on.

Getting ready for rhinoplasty

The surgeon will give you precise information about diet, medical treatment, smoking and facial hygiene. If you strictly respect the instructions given for before and after the surgery, then the rhinoplasty will go smoothly. It is very important to make sure you are not alone after the surgery. You will need somebody to get you home after the rhinoplasty, and also your attendant should come with you at the next consultation.

Possible complications

This is a surgery that must be made only by authorized persons, and by this, we mean a plastic surgeon or an eNT physician. The possible complications that can appear are common to any surgery: infections, bleeding or side effects for the anesthesia. The possible complications can be reduced only if the instructions of the doctor for before and after the surgery are respected.

The scars that are left are almost not visible, as they are extremely small and can be seen slightly only for the open type of surgery. Sometimes, for almost 5% of the patients, there can be needed another intervention to improve some aspects. This can happen to even the most experienced surgeons and are inevitable.

What is recommended by all plastic surgeons is this: wishing for a too perfect nose can be extremely bad. Serial interventions through rhinoplasty are not recommended.

If you feel that your nose needs a rhinoplasty, give us a call at Lorebrew and talk to one of our plastic surgeons!