The 5 Types Of Rhinoplasty Procedure

nose-job-3Rhinoplasty or generally called a nose job is a procedure that defines the face better. It is done by sculpting the inner arrangement the nose, from the bones and the cartilage, to help it become fitting and proportionate to the encounter. But the function of rhinoplasty not only ceases there, in addition, it has clinical advantages. To expound more on this, let us take a closer look at the different types of rhinoplasty processes and how they can impact the outcome of the process.

Close Rhinoplasty

  • This is the rhinoplasty procedure that is normal, with the incisions created within the nose making sure no scars are created visible. With the interior incisions made using a unique instrument which separates the nasal framework and the skin, the surgeon has the capacity to access the bone and cartilage better.
  • With this the surgeon shapes or re-arranges the buildings better, both inserting one more cartilage or shaving off some bony tissue. The incision is then sutured and viola next is done with! A scarless rhinoplasty, but you nevertheless must wait a few weeks to months for it to completely recover from your swelling and bruising that would happen afterwards.

Open Rhinoplasty

  • At the place around the nostrils, the incisions are created using an open rhinoplasty and through the skin which separates the nostrils. Surgeons prefer this strategy because it offers visibility and easy accessibility to the different nasal buildings. It’s called an open process because the epidermis can be opened compared to having it thoroughly done. It’s also the one when the patient wants a nose reduction employed.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

  • This is done to raise the length of the nose as the title suggests,. Along with that it can also eliminate bulges, improve the look of to smoothed out some nasal depressions, or the tip. The surgeon does this by adding some gristle that’s harvested either from your ribs or from your ear, septum. In some cases a surgeon would additionally use Gore-Tex, silicone or polyethylene. Augmentation will make your nose more prominent and shaped in contrast to something stubby and less-defined.


  • Septoplasty is the kind of rhinoplasty that enhances or straightens the appearance of the septum, the framework that divides both nasal cavities. This can be a common procedure that can most celebrities use as an excuse when they will have a nose job done. When the septum is deviated it impedes proper flow of air into the cavity as the passage way narrows.
  • With a septoplasty, this deviation is subsequently straightened by detaching the bone or cartilage, and it’s placed on the midline. The whole procedure will be done within an hour or less determined by the extent of the problem.

Suggestion Rhinoplasty

  • A hint rhinoplasty might just be what you will need because it really is overly bulbous if your difficulty is focused chiefly on the tip of the nose. This saves you from the incisions because this region alone using the process that is open or shut can be corrected by the surgeon, based on the condition of the nose tip.

Who’s The Appropriate Candidate For Rhinoplasty Procedure?


Who’s the right candidate for rhinoplasty procedure? Anyone whose past the age of facial development and in good health of the body and facial tissue can proceed with the process, provided he/she’s reasonable expectations from this cosmetic surgery.

The rhinoplasty procedure can correct peculiar unattractive or appearing noses and points and make the encounter more captivating. It goes without stating that the nose is the most outstanding component of the face and one of the leading contributors to its attractiveness. A nose or a lumpy tip could mar an otherwise properly shaped facial structure if not the entire body.

The Way the Rhinoplasty Procedure Works

Rhinoplasty or aesthetic nose surgery at a state-of-the-artwork plastic surgery center utilizes advanced sculpting technologies and proven methods to sculpt an aesthetically attractive nasal shape. This is performed in a manner satisfying the unique facial and individual requirements and framework of each patient. Aesthetic perceptions also vary between people.

  • Every surgery is thus preceded by a session along with assessing the general, aesthetic understanding and expectations and demands of the person in the nose reshaping process where the present nasal and facial structure is examined.
  • The rhinoplasty surgeon describes all facets of the process and also provides a computer simulation of the anticipated look resulting from the cosmetic nose surgery.
  • The patient can select whether to go forward with the procedure or not.

Exceptional Approach and Outcomes with Rhinoplasty

Since each procedure is unique and based on individual facial proportions and expectations, the outcomes are unique and appear natural. Occasionally, with the individual’s consent of course, rhinoplasty may be united with other facial procedures or chin surgery to finish the perfect aesthetic look. Rhinoplasty surgery also has a medical rationale in cases where sufferers experience troubled breathing due to deformed or slim nasal cavities.

Right Candidates for Rhinoplasty Surgery

The correct candidates for nose reshaping surgery are guys 18 to 19 years of age and girls 16 to 18 years old – the interval after which nasal and growth is complete.

  • People with dropping, drooping, thick or enlarged nasal tip
  • Broad nasal profile
  • Disproportionately big nose
  • Convex nasal aspect profile as a consequence of a bulge on the nose bridge
  • Off center or crooked nose as a result of birth, surgery or accident defect
  • Flared nostrils
  • Nostrils making breathing difficult can seek rhinoplasty

The right rhinoplasty candidate will even have reasonable expectations regarding the process. You should anticipate subtle alterations that gel with overall contours rather than radical overhauls and a natural appearance. Such an individual is the right candidate for procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon in a state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery facility is the perfect man to consult to understand if you fit the bill.

Second Opportunity With Revision Rhinoplasty

A revision rhinoplasty is essentially a “do over” rhinoplasty treatment performed on someone who regrettably received a botched or somehow unbesetting result from their first process. When assessing a future patient who wants to experience this procedure, many factors are considered by surgeons. They seem at the current appearance of the nose, nail what type of defects are making it appear aesthetically displeasing, determine the necessary for a repair therapy and finally the level of scarring as a result of the procedure.

Rhinoplasty surgeons understand that several patients have in receiving this process exceedingly silly expectations, and consequently, the individual’s psychological state is also considered by them. There’s little point in administering a revision rhinoplasty given the patient’s mind will not be changed.


Patients who get a revision procedure as a result of an earlier treatment that is botched seldom return to their former doctor. Instead, they elect to seek the expertise of a physician who focuses on this treatment. Such professionals can put patients in a clam state with the significant number of concerns they are able to reply, and can leave the outcome of the revision remedy much more acceptable to.

A lot of physicians will conclude that a specified patient’s nose is really to some extent fixable, nevertheless, they will probably not function on the prospective patient if they find that she or he possess some questionable motivations.

Studies have shown that for a revision process, almost twenty percentage of them come back out of the men who obtain a rhinoplasty procedure all over the world. Although this can be truly a bothersome reality, it should act as a reminder of the importance of finding a qualified surgeon from the get-go. Most of these patients usually do not conduct sufficient research from the start, and consequently, find themselves unhappy with the result of the treatment.

What is even more disturbing lies in the fact that individuals who prefer to receive a revision rhinoplasty do so due to a tiny deformity not repaired in the initial surgery. Fortunately, such processes can be executed without using local anesthesia. Doctors are not solely to blame for mishaps that are rhinoplasty. Therefore ruin their nose and many sufferers fail to follow directions given to them before the start of the healing stage. Others thereby undermine the ending results and endure injuries following their initial rhinoplasty. So, as evident, surgeon blunder will not account for the large bulk of “failed” first rhinoplasty processes.

Common inherent goals behind a revision rhinoplasty process normally contain giving the nose somewhat of a more “daring” appearance since it has been shrunk in size, or completely altering its aesthetic allure. In either condition, the patient’s petition can be generally fulfilled by the surgeon. In the latter instance, it is suggested that you think extremely carefully before electing to experience your initial rhinoplasty treatment. Of receiving exactly what you want in a nose he likelihood are way better the very first time as opposed to the second or third time.

Not only will the outcome be more favorable (provided that you pick a good surgeon) but so will the cost. Revision rhinoplasty procedure can price the exact carbon copy of time procedures. So yes, you can affix a cost on the mishap of perhaps not taking everything into account the first time around. The revision remedy can show extremely advantageous to people who regrettably received a botched surgery, nevertheless, for other individuals with different conditions that are starkly, a revision rhinoplasty can be expensive and not nearly as successful as the initial surgery.

Rhinoplasty – The Aesthetic Surgery Of The Nose


Usually, the individual shape of the nose is determined by genetic factors, but the shape can also be negatively affected by traumas or surgical interventions. Rhinoplasty can improve the aspect of the nose and also can increase the confidence one has in general. Even so, this surgery will not change your image so drastically, meaning that there is no perfect shape for a nose. In addition, it will not determine a change in other’s people behavior towards you.

What can be improved?

Rhinoplasty will improve a few aspects of your nose. Fist of all, the dimension of the nose is the fist thing that influences all your features, so this is what will be changed with this surgery. Apart from this, it can improve the width of the nose at the bony part, the aspect of your face seen from one part or another (the half-face aspect), as there can appear different shapes – a hump or a hollow part, and some others.

Rhinoplasty is an extremely customed surgical procedure, which you need to have only due to personal reasons and not for others. This procedure is usually recommended to people who are older than 13 years old, as that is the age when the development of the facial skeleton is completed. In addition, a good health is required, less or no smoking at all and, finally yet importantly, you need to have clearly defined goals but realistic ones.

 How does it go?

rhinoplasty_3712098056bDuring your first consultation, the doctor will ask you many questions. These will be extremely detailed about the expected results. You will have to tell your doctor your medical history and about allergies, if any. You also need to tell him about the constant medication that you take or if you had any former surgical interventions. Your health will be evaluated through specific tests. They will make photos and measurements of your facial elements.

This is the time when you will be talking about your expectations and the available surgical methods to acquire these expectations. You will also learn about possible complications and the varieties of anesthesia that are available. Your doctor will tell you about the factors that can influence the surgery and the result, like the structure of the bones and the nasal cartilage, the shape of the face, your skin, age, expectations and so on.

Getting ready for rhinoplasty

The surgeon will give you precise information about diet, medical treatment, smoking and facial hygiene. If you strictly respect the instructions given for before and after the surgery, then the rhinoplasty will go smoothly. It is very important to make sure you are not alone after the surgery. You will need somebody to get you home after the rhinoplasty, and also your attendant should come with you at the next consultation.

Possible complications

This is a surgery that must be made only by authorized persons, and by this, we mean a plastic surgeon or an eNT physician. The possible complications that can appear are common to any surgery: infections, bleeding or side effects for the anesthesia. The possible complications can be reduced only if the instructions of the doctor for before and after the surgery are respected.

The scars that are left are almost not visible, as they are extremely small and can be seen slightly only for the open type of surgery. Sometimes, for almost 5% of the patients, there can be needed another intervention to improve some aspects. This can happen to even the most experienced surgeons and are inevitable.

What is recommended by all plastic surgeons is this: wishing for a too perfect nose can be extremely bad. Serial interventions through rhinoplasty are not recommended.

If you feel that your nose needs a rhinoplasty, give us a call at Lorebrew and talk to one of our plastic surgeons!